John W. Steadman
 I hope you feel my passion in my paintings

    1) CAREFREE FINE ART AND WINE                11/2 /2018 -11/4/2018
     2) ARTFEST OF SCOTTSDALE                             11/17 - 11/18/2018
     3 ) PHOENIX FESTIVAL OF ARTS                       12/7 - 12/9/2018
     4) SURPRISE FINE ART AND WINE                  1/11 -1/13/2019
     5) CAREFREE FINE ART AND WINE                1/18 - 1/20/2019
     6) SCOTTSDALE WATERFRONT                         2/8 - 2/10/2019
     7) CAREFREE FINE ART AND WINE                3/1 -3/3/2019
     8) FOUNTIAN HILLS FINE ART                            3/8 - 3/10/2019




My Art....

 I am very passionate about my art, each one is original and created by my hands, I hope you enjoy them as much as
 I did creating them ! Hope to see you all at an art show soon,  the closer you get to my art the better it is, as you breath it in.
 Only Prints available
  1. Gray Sunset
  2. Ocean Lighting
  3. Midnight Waves
  4. Crown of Thorns
  5. Reflections

Original Artwork

By John Steadman- Artist
​  Here's a little about me....

​  Many years ago as a young man I studied art. I won many awards, my instructor told me I was one of the best artist she has ever seen. Unfortunatly, I started to listen to a voice deep inside me, a voice that many artist hear, call it negative energy,
or mental illness,or the devil himself. One day I took most of my paintings and distroyed them, and decided that I would never paint again.

​A few years ago I met my soulmate, She taught me how to love and live life. But a piece of the puzzle was still missing, Then one day standing in my living room God came to me, and now I paint what God see's.

​ I pray  that all artist reading this story will listen to the right voice, the one that created them and loves them. Let God take your hand ,embrace your passion and follow your dream!